Ever since Howard Carter sifted through the sands to reveal the treasures of Tutankhamen in 1922, the myths, magic and artefacts of the Ancient Egyptians have enthralled western audiences.

Since then a heady concoction of entertaining Hollywood films, novels and occasional crack-pot theories have taken the world of mummies, pyramids, pharaohs - and even aliens - and fashioned them into a melting pot of Egyptomania.

Nest Studios were commissioned by the Herbert Museum in Coventry to create and semipermanent exhibition exploring these myths and secrets of Ancient Egypt.

The exhibition was divided into six themes and the layout was cleverly designed to naturally guide people through each section. Lighting played a key part in creating the right mood and helped highlight the key sections. Interactive games and tasks intertwine over 200 ancient objects to make the overall experience a fun and educational one.

The exhibition has since met both public and critical acclaim and visitor numbers have surpassed all estimates prior to opening. The exhibition is also due to start its second leg in the Summer and move to Torquay.

All graphic design by Blind Mice Design Limited.