Finning CAT ‘Our Coldest Journey’ Art Gallery Event

Nest were tasked to turn CAT’s Visitor Centre in Desford into an art gallery event to welcome home their engineers from the Antarctica. 

Sir Ranulph Fiennes lead an expedition across the Antarctic along with two Finning engineers and two specially modified Caterpillar D6N track type tractors where they embarked on the first ever winter traverse of Antarctica – a challenge that has never been previously attempted.

Finning CAT wanted to host an event to welcome back the team, celebrate the successes of the journey and raise money for the ‘Seeing is Believeing’ charity by selling beautiful, photographic artwork taken on the journey.

It was our task to take a simple space and convert it with the use of lighting, structure and sound into an expreiential and educative environment. The delegates were led through a focused journey which followed the expeditions many twists and turns. There was also a stage area where Sir Ranulph Fiennes and the team could welcome guests and talk of their experiences and how the CAT machines played a key role in the journey.

The result exceeded everyones expectations… this was how it looked.