HAFELE @ KBB NEC March 2020

It’s rare to have time to pause and look back… this is a project that we delivered in March that we and our client are very proud of. Hafele at KBB 2020.

Nest Studios were tasked with creating and delivering a design that not only celebrated the 40th anniversary of Hafele UK but showcased the brand on a whole new level for the bi-annual KBB l event at the Birmingham NEC along with partner spaces for Grass and Vauth Sagal.

High end materials and finishes were selected to reflect the brand image and high quality product range with a clever layout to semi enclose products and demo areas but allow the outer perimeter to create the consumer journey and interact with a bespoke three dimensional timeline.

To be sure our Client felt at ease during the design and build process, Nest Studios dedicated a solid team to oversee all site management, product coordination, operational direction and full build and technical support.