Behind the scenes, build at Sibos

Ever been curious as to how an exhibition stand develops from being a design on paper to real life construction onsite, ready for the show to open? Take a look at the below, behind the scenes photos, taken onsite with Nest at Sibos in Toronto 2017.

Canadian tree trunks ready to be installed on the Smartstream stand.

One of the Nest project managers discussing requirements for the lighting with the build contractors.

Getting closer to completion of the Smartstream stand, units and furniture to be positioned with finishing touches to be added before a final overall clean up.

Another project manager discussing requirements with the stand builders, communication is the key.

The fascia with suspended illuminated logos is constructed and ready to be raised into position with motorised hoists for the Six Securities stand.

Six Securities is coming together nicely during build and further installation including AV, furniture and graphics commence following this stage.

See above progress photos, which shows you a step by step visual of the different stages of build on this particular project for the Accuity stand at Sibos. Click on the photo reel to see each stage.

The finished stands, with six very happy clients.

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