BETT 2015

Nest worked with 3 existing clients for BETT this year – Pearson Education, WCBS and BLOXX.

This was our third year working with Pearson and our second year with WCBS and BLOXX. 

Pearson required a new approach this year, creating a social media hub and it was all change for WCBS, from a shell scheme last year to a free build this year.

Pearson at BETT 2014

Pearson is the world’s leading education company.

Whether in the classroom, in the workplace or at home, Pearson provides the tools for teachers, educators, learners and parents to make the most out of learning. Our content, assessment, training and information systems are designed to make learning more enjoyable – as well as more effective. Pearson is also a global thought leader in education, investing in research around pedagogy, technology, innovation and system change. Our starting point is always the learner, and our mission as a company is to help the learners make progress in their lives through learning.  We see technology as a key driver in personalising learning and in supporting learner progress in the 21st century.  We’re also committed to measuring the efficacy of our products and services and we want to be judged by the measurable impact they make on learning outcomes.

Our exhibition stand at BETT 2014 reflects these objectives.

Building on the success of 2013 the stand has been developed to focus on Efficacy and making a measurable impact on improving someone’s life through learning.  The highly successful and popular main presentation area has been developed to showcase even more presentations this year focusing on thought leadership around the education debate through dynamic and interactive presentations from senior Pearson stakeholders, practitioners, innovators and learners.

A live video stream from this area and on demand video available after the show from the demo area will attract future delegates to the show for 2015. A live tweet – #WeTweetEd session in the main presentation area helps promote the show. We have incorporated a second presentation area where we will showcase how our products and services are used with and for the learner. The stand also facilitates technical support and product demo’s on a one to one basis via PC and Mac enables pods and mobile devices. This is designed to help delegates maximise their time at BETT. Our purpose is to remember that our learners are also teachers coming to the stand. They would like to learn something new or have something they already know reinforced, by providing them with tools and information that they can take back to the classroom or learning environment.

In addition to the reception welcome desk, with an innovatively designed private meeting room, a large cafe area has been designed to cater for delegates, the intention to encourage
delegates to stay on the stand for longer to talk and reflect, [enabling us to continue to build relationships with delegates in the Pearson environment.

The use of high level branding helps delegates to navigate to the stand and creates a waypoint when navigating around the rest of the hall. The lower level branding of the stand provides the customers with familiar product logos reflecting the range of the Pearson offering and some provides a welcoming environment within the exhibition hall.

In summary, Pearson’s core values are Brave, Imaginative and Decent and we feel our stand depicts this. On a show level it helps draw delegates to visit BETT to support personal development as both educational and IT professionals.