Sibos has been a key event in our year for as long as we can remember. With Virtual Sibos opening today we thought we’d look back at the real thing from 2019.

Supporting the cause

Between our virtual event work and interior projects Nest found time to support a local medical company. Breas have been working hard to produce ventilators in response to the pandemic and needed new storage solutions… we were more than happy to help.

Virtual doesn’t need to be zzzzz

Ok, so we’re all missing the handshakes and the experience that live events provide.

But who said that virtual is experience-less? A cocktail masterclass certainly spiced things up at our most recent virtual production.

Getting Ready to Choose Live

Exhibitions are slowly making a comeback.

A number of international shows have recently taken place with several more being given the green light. Many global governments have also moved from classing exhibitions as ‘mass gatherings’ to ‘organised events’.

So much is happening in the events world to ensure that it’s safe to put the head sets to one side and return to a real experience.

Yes, there will need to be some changes, but changes that we’re all getting pretty used to. We can still create social distancing without losing the experience and benefits of face to face conversations. As an agency, we can work with you to assist with any pre event planning required – from ensuring your teams safety, recruiting local staff as well as facilitating hybrid events allowing for virtual participation for those that cannot attend. Our operations team are now certified in COVID-19 H&S training and our design team have some great tech up their sleeves to help control flow.

Here are some areas that need consideration when planning your next project.

Pre Event

Work with you to assist with any pre event planning required – from ensuring your teams safety, recruiting local staff as well as facilitating hybrid events allowing for virtual participation for those that cannot attend.

Stand Access

Ensure controlled access where required with optional tech solutions to maintain suitable capacity.

Zoning & Circulation

Subtle zones with dividers and contrasting flooring instead of solid walls help create natural pathways. Adding clear waiting areas and floor marks encourages social distancing whilst a minimal simple structure will help with air circulation.


Sanitary stations positioned throughout, removal of unnecessary touch points such as tablets, doors, literature.

Food & Drink

Consider the best way to offer food and beverage without cross contamination and logistical issues.


Fixed seating allows complete control over distancing while larger meeting room areas allow for gaps between chairs/tables.


Maximise the exterior of the stand for key messaging and large screens as more internal space required for meeting areas and circulation.


Where possible introduce individual lockers for staff storage with the store room itself only accessed by a key member of staff.

Here’s an example of how a booth could look putting this into practice.

  1. Screens and key messaging visible from aisles.
  2. Reception counter with optional screen visible from main approaches.
  3. Controlled access points with possible tech solutions to maintain capacity.
  4. Dividing screens to exterior aisles to maintain social distancing but maintain visibility.

  1. Control store room access with smart storage and external individual lockers.
  2. Multiple cleaning points to main routes within stand
  3. Include cameras to enable conference calls, allowing to include those that are unable to attend.
  4. Partially open meeting spaces with chairs and tables at correct distances.
  5. Subtle floor zoning to define key areas without doors and walls.
  6. Fixed seating areas to control distance between visitors.
  7. Floor marking and other key signage to maintain show specific distancing. Maybe consider ‘learning pathways’ to encourage movement through the space.

Our industry is working globally and collaboratively to bring events back safely – and frankly, we can’t wait to see you.

Looking back at Dmexco and MWC

Lockdown measures around Europe are slowly easing this week. With this and the news that Germany are reclassifying trade shows as organised events rather than mass gatherings, could there be a distant light at the end of the tunnel for physical events?

The organisers and exhibitors of Dmexco – the worlds largest digital marketing show, will certainly be pleased to see things moving in the right direction. And of course, so are we.

It’s a show that Nest have been working at for many years having had success at MWC in Barcelona.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our work:

Hired architecture that is more than just a system

As much as we love delivering custom structures to our global clients we also realise that some client’s budgets require a more cost efficient approach.

The idea of a hired system solution is often a dirty word, bringing to mind ugly aluminium poles and beams leaving very little space for creativity. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Nest invested into the Aluvision system some 6 years ago because of its flexibility, low environmental impact and ease of install. The system also benefits from not looking like a system… no framework is visible and this means that the impact can come from graphic content, the introduction of light boxes and AV.

Costs can be kept really low due to the portable nature of the structure which reduces the transport and install costs. Its modularity means that we can provide solutions for any orientation, including within shell scheme walls.

If you’re interested in looking at an impactful, cost effective booth solution then please give us a call. 

Handshakes to Headsets

Like many other sectors, this is clearly a troubling time for the events industry with so much of the future unknown.

However, as events professionals, we’re a resilient bunch. We’re working hard to pivot our skills and are currently helping many of our clients to connect with their market via virtual event experiences.

This concept doesn’t replace the experiential, tangible impact of a real life exhibition but it does allow our clients to drive their content, continue communications and ultimately drive pipeline for the interim.

Having said that, online events don’t have to be stand alone, they can also work in tandem with live events creating hybrid experience providing longevity post show and help improve your carbon footprint associated with the event.

Virtual Exhibition Stand

vStand 360

Our vStand 360 solution allows visitors to navigate through a virtual 360º representation of your stand environment. The stand is embedded on a website where visitors can gain all the information of a normal exhibition stand remotely. PDF’s can be downloaded, live demonstrations and videos can be viewed as well as the benefit of optional add ons such as live chats and pre booked meetings. You can see an example here.

vStand XP

For more fully immersive 3D experience, vStand XP allows us to create a totally bespoke delegate experience. Live chat, interactive content and video calling are just some of the features we can add to your virtual stand. 

Interaction and ROI

  • Present innovative solutions and products via video content or live webinars.
  • Incorporate info points where visitors can request information or download PDF’s.

Option to have the following add-ons:

  • Statistics packages that allow you to access all of the traffic data that is relevant to your exhibition stand including geolocation, active visitors and Content popularity.
  • Pre booked meetings
  • Text based chats

Virtual Conference/Events

Connect global audiences and maximise engagement with a virtual conference. Online events built to engage audiences from all over the world in one virtual venue as well as enabling exhibitors to interact and delegates to network through live interaction tools.

  • Event takes place within a tailored bespoke virtual environment and can incorporate branded spaces, such as lobbies, exhibition halls, auditoriums, live seminars and many more
  • The platform works without any downloads or plug-ins and will display on any device (mobile, tablet or desktop)
  • Intuitive to use and allows delegates to easily navigate their way around and start interacting.
  • Delegates can network through live interactive tools such as video, audio and text based chats.
  • Auditoriums can display on demand content as well as live streaming, keynote presentations, talks, webinars and Q&A’s to further inform, educate and engage your delegates.
  • Exhibition hall simulates a live exhibitor zone. Custom Virtual Booths for each participating exhibitor or sponsor can be custom setup complete with branding, videos, documents, links and their own avatars where all their products and services are displayed. Delegates can then enquire further using our many other interactive features such as video, audio and text based chat and pre booked meetings
  • Assigned project manager assigned for the entirety of the project providing support and training.

Webinars and Presentations

Engage your audience on a more human level with an interactive, data-rich webinar and multimedia content platform. Captivate prospects with live, interactive webinars and get real-time insights from their behavior.

  • Engage delegates across the world with virtual webinars.
  • Live and always-on content to allow people to experience your message and content any time.
  • Capture audience behavior to turn engagement into actionable data.

If you would like to discuss in more detail about one of our solutions, please reach out to us via email or +44 (0)1926 493 980.

HAFELE @ KBB NEC March 2020

It’s rare to have time to pause and look back… this is a project that we delivered in March that we and our client are very proud of. Hafele at KBB 2020.

Nest Studios were tasked with creating and delivering a design that not only celebrated the 40th anniversary of Hafele UK but showcased the brand on a whole new level for the bi-annual KBB l event at the Birmingham NEC along with partner spaces for Grass and Vauth Sagal.

High end materials and finishes were selected to reflect the brand image and high quality product range with a clever layout to semi enclose products and demo areas but allow the outer perimeter to create the consumer journey and interact with a bespoke three dimensional timeline.

To be sure our Client felt at ease during the design and build process, Nest Studios dedicated a solid team to oversee all site management, product coordination, operational direction and full build and technical support.

SIBOS 2018

Sibos is the premier financial services event for the global financial community and this years backdrop was the gorgeous Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Nest once again provided it’s full in-house creative and project management services to 6 clients, each with its own specific brief and requirements.

Our clients benefitted from our teams’ 25 years of experience at the show giving us unparalleled local knowledge and understanding of the event.

All creative and project management was provided by our professional in-house team and supported on the ground by our local partners.

The feedback from all of our clients has been fantastic and we’re already scribbling down ideas and making preparations for London in 2019… an event relatively local to our offices.

Here are some examples of the projects that we delivered this year.…..





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